• J & L Green Farm

    Sells on-farm, at the Harrisonburg Farmers’ Market, online buying clubs, Mowery Orchard in Woodstock and Friendly City Food Coop in Harrisonburg. Used at Local Chop and Grill in Harrisonburg.

  • Lazy W Farm

    We are a small working farm raising a wool breed sheep, flock of free-range chickens and bees. Sheep/lamb sales for meat or ewe replacements. Some packaged lamb cuts. White and natural fleece available. Please call or email availability.

  • Myers, Ben and Blake

    We are a 5th and 6th generation family farming operation growing orchard grass and mixed hay with 1-3 cuttings/year based on growing season. Hay available in 45lb small square bales suitable for horses and goats.Rye straw also available. Limited delivery. We also maintain a commercial Dorset sheep flock. Livestock sold on farm for meat and ewe/buck breeding replacements. No on-farm meat processing.

  • Tomahawk Farm LLC

    We sell USDA inspected, individually clear freezer wrapped beef, pork and lamb. We keep it local. Our butcher, labels and marketing are all done in Shenandoah County. We are an environmentally friendly farm that believes in preservation of soil and water. Now accepting credit cards.