• Cerdonia Farm

    We started out as a small hobby farm on 1 acre of land with the initial goal of cultivating relationships between swine, the earth and the patrons of our restaurant, Cristina’s Café. An attempt at biodynamic farming practices was futile on such a small parcel of earth but it served as an experimental facility preparing us for the day when we could finally expand our endeavors. On our new 26 acre tract of land we are continuing this very same model of rotating heritage breed pigs and chickens from pasture to forest, while planting cover crops and usable produce items for sale at the Café. In 2015, we branded ourselves as Cerdonia Farm, a synthesis of our Mexican heritage using the Spanish word cerdo (pig) to denote the love affair we have with the very porcine creatures that led us to the path of sustainability years ago. You can buy our meat at Cristina’s Cafe.

  • Champion U-Pick Strawberries

    Three acres of Chandler and Sweet Charlie strawberries. Sweet delicious strawberries are easy pickings at our patch! Only $2.00 lb.  Opening mid-May.  Follow us on our Facebook page at Champion U-Pick Strawberries for picking dates and times or call (540) 975-0791.

  • Country Gardens

    Our flock of colorful, free-range chickens are ready to greet you at our on-farm greenhouse and garden center! Herbs available year round and we have a great selection of perennials, flowering shrubs & small fruiting plants available from Mar-Nov. Lettuces, heirloom tomatoes and other vegetables available seasonally. We specialize in the newest reintroduced heirlooms and rare plants. Cameras welcome.

  • Country Rhodes Farm

    Country Rhodes Farm makes buying local easy, and we raise what we sell: hormone free, grain fed Pork and Beef. Our meat is used to make the delicious award winning sausages sold by Swover Creek Farms and Kitchen in Edinburg, Virginia. We also make and sell all natural, no additives or preservatives, VA state licensed and registered Doggy Meat Treats. We sell: on-farm, at South Street Barn Market (year-round), at Bryce Farmers’ Market (opens June 1, 2016), at All Things Virginia @ The Farmhouse (Woodstock, VA), and through our delivery service here in the valley and into Northern Virginia. We welcome inquiries.

  • Cristina’s Café

    Cristina’s Cafe is a Virginia Green Restaurant, featuring local ingredients. Live entertainment on weekend and outdoor seating available. Also known as the “goddess cafe,” they are the ladies that bring you the best coffee in the valley, local food, music and fun! Support a local business that is third generation family owned. Owner Crissy is also selling pork products from her farm, Cerdonia Farm, www.cerdoniafarm.com. Contact her for more information.

  • Deauville Farm

    Formerly one of last farms in the state raising deer, we are a small farm growing everything organic including pick-your-own vegetables, more than 100 varieties of heirloom tomatoes and eggs from our heritage breed chickens. We are open weekends from Apr-Nov. Pick-your-own vegetables are available in late April starting with salad greens. From April-June, we sell naturally grown heirloom tomato plants, as well as eggplants, peppers, greens, herbs, and more. It is our belief that we can show people how to raise their own healthy food on a little bit of land, simply by just doing it.

  • Del Ray Farm Aquaponics

    Del Ray Farm is dedicated to farming sustainably and producing fresh, organically grown vegetables. In our greenhouses produce a variety of tomatoes and lettuces year around. We also raise red nile, blue tilipia and catfish.